Dhruba Biswas

Freelance Web & Graphic Designer


Wow. Thank you for visiting this page. If you want to know about me, then it is very difficult for me to express myself to somebody. You already know that I am a Web & Graphic Designer. I am also a Faculty/ Trainer of Web & Graphic Designing.

I like to listen or read about myself from others. So if you provide me any JOB, then you can say about me within few days. That will be real.

I am 32 years old. I am from West Bengal, Kolkata, India. I am pure Bengali. If you communicate me with Bengali or Hindi, that would be very comfortable for me. Receiving phone calls is so much difficult for me during the work presure. Beacuse everything(Design, Development, Delivery) is have to do by myself, no other option. So if you can not reach me by phone, do not waste time, please send me message by Whatsapp or Email. If any super important then we can talk by calls.

My education qualification is simply Honours Graduation on Political Science, 2011. I love creativity, so I have started learning Multimedia Technology with my college education and completed Diploma in Multimedia. After that I have started my journey. I have experience on providing training on this field in many Institutions. I worked in Advertising Agencies as a Graphic Designer and production executive.

I have joined a corporate office as Web Designer, but the corporate culture was not for me. So I have started my own freelancing career with Web and Graphic Designing, and I can say it is good for me, because my clients are very satisfied.

I am very much careful about my payment. Because all are doing their job for money. I like to deliver the JOB in time and I like to get payment in time, this is my rule. All payment should be Online Transaction. You can send my payment by Bank Account / Google Pay / Paytm / Phone Pay. But No cash, No Cheque.

Hope you understood me from your device. I think this is enough.